Every homeowner enjoys having a lush, beautiful lawn, but it can take a great deal of work. During the summer months, just keeping the yard mowed regularly may seem time-consuming and frustrating. It doesn’t help that mowing and watering aren’t the only tasks that need to be done for a gorgeous yard.

This article will look into the importance of regular yard care and why it should be a part of your summer to-do list.

Robust Grass in the Yard

You want grass that lasts, right? One of the best ways to ensure grass grows strong is by mowing it on a regular basis. In most cases, a length of about three inches is recommended. By cutting your grass, the healthiest blades will flourish while the weak ones will die. 

When you have your lawn cut frequently, more of the healthy grass will be seen when looking out over your yard. This creates a yard that looks healthy and lush as you move through the summer months.

Quicker Recovery

There are all sorts of things your lawn can go through, ranging from disease to pests and bad weather. While all of these things can be frustrating, overcoming them helps your yard look better maintained overall.

When the lawn receives mowing and maintenance, it recovers faster from the issues that plague lawns. This means your lawn is going to be healthier than someone that rarely mows and never maintains their yard. If you wait to mow, it’s harder to get things back into perfect shape the way you wish.

Even Level of Growth

When you see a yard that is uneven with dead patches, it may not be attractive. You likely want to avoid this situation and the solution is simple. Uneven growth can happen but regular mowing will resolve the issue.

When you cut the grass down to the same size every week, you help with the grass growth since it’s evenly distributed. All the grass has the same access to the water and sun. Consistent growth is essential when you want a gorgeous lawn.

Mulching Has Benefits

In addition to mowing, mulching is important to keeping a healthy and beautiful lawn. It takes many of the nutrients and puts them back in the yard. When mowing is done regularly, the mulching uses small blades of grass. This is healthier since small blades have more nutrients and are stronger.

Many of the modern lawnmowers on the market have a mulching option. This makes it a cinch to mulch your lawn each time you mow it. Just be cautious if the grass has grown tall since this mulch will be weaker and less nutritious.

Choose the Experts for Lawn Maintenance

Are you looking for lawn maintenance experts to help keep your yard healthy? RidAway offers lawn maintenance services that ensure your lawn looks green and thick throughout the summer. Choose an annual plan to keep the yard looking great, add herbicides to keep weeds away, and get the right nutrition for the grass blades.

There’s no reason to wait until the lawn is overgrown. Reach out to us today and we’ll get things in perfect shape fast.