Water Restoration

Get back to dry

when paper towels don't cut it

Whether a broken pipe, overflowed tub, or foundation leak, a flooded home is more than an inconvenience. Water threatens to damage property and harm health with every surface it touches. In addition to deteriorating structures in the home, moisture can lead to the breeding of hazardous bacteria, pathogens, and mold.

Damage to home property

Water can erode construction materials and damage structural support.

Damage to personal belongings

Anything that sits in water is vulnerable to breakdown of materials.

Growth of toxic mold

The moist environment can breed mold which is harmful to breathe.

Getting back to DRY

To avoid these major risks to health and property it’s critical that you dry out your home ASAP. Ridaway will rid your home of every drop of water using an arsenal of dehydration tools and our comprehensive strategy to restore your home back to dry, pristine condition.

01. Identify the water source.

  • Once we know how the flood started we can then proceed to stop it.

02. Extract the water

  • Whether a puddle or a pool, we’ll purge it from your property.

03. Remove damaged property

  • We’ll determine what’s salvageable and what requires disposal.

04. Operate quickly

  • Speed is of utmost importance to prevent growing risk of damage and health.

05. Dry and dehumidify

  • Our powerful blowers and dehumidifiers will dry out objects and clean the air.

06. Disinfect mold

  • Cleaning and disinfecting is vital to our protection against dangerous mold.

07. Renovation

  • In the event of property damage, our construction team of craftsman can restore and remodel any piece of your home in need of repair.

Trusted service

With our industry expertise and committed customer support, you're in good hands.

We'll dry your tears by drying your home. 

Quick emergency response

Industry grade technology

EPA approved guidelines

Fully insured

RidAway stands by our work and stands by our customres. 

Bring home safety & comfort

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saved me from pests

My home was besieged with termites and I needed them removed ASAP. RidAway came immediately and within a day the insects were gone. Home is safe again, as is my peace of mind. Thank you!

Kit Crawford

QUICK FIX to water leak

I had a pipe burst that flooded my basement and filled the home with nasty mildew. RidAway pumped every drop of water from my home, cleaned the mess, and now the air is clean again.

Van Carlton


I've always been afraid of the toxic asbestos living in my walls. Not only did RidAway dispose of it, but they filled the replacement with free insulation. I didn't pay a penny! Amazing service.

Rob Delaney