Summer is all about the sun and fun. It’s a time when everyone wants to head outside and enjoy warm activities. However, it also happens to be the season when the most pests are out and about. Wondering why ticks and mosquitos are so common in the summer? 

This article will dig into why these, and insects like spiders, ants, and roaches, are most often seen in the summer months.

More Sunlight for Pests to Eat

One of the things that appeals about summer are the longer days and shorter nights. With sunlight lasting longer, mosquitoes and other pets have more time to find food. Since we’re also outside more, it’s common to see more pests in the summer season. 

Not only can pests be frustrating, but they can also spread disease or bite humans. This is why it’s essential to avoid these small critters as much as possible.

More Food for Pests to Eat

As you likely realize, grass grows faster in summer. That means more mowing and additional vegetation in general. While it can be annoying to spend a day cutting the grass, for bugs, that same vegetation offers a great meal.

When more grass and other plants are present, pests are going to stick around. They’ll hang out until the food source is gone before moving elsewhere.

Higher Temperatures Drive Pests Inside

The spring and summer seasons bring higher temperatures, which can affect the development and behavior of pests. However, if temperatures are overly high, some will find ways to avoid it.

A variety of pests will try to come into houses to beat the heat, while others like fire ants will dig down in the ground. Pests are very active until the point where the heat is too much for them and they want to get inside somewhere cool.

Cycle of Life

A lot of insects are cold-blooded and don’t do well in winter temperatures. This means they start to become more active when the sun is beating down. 

As an example, an ant hill will become much larger and more active when it’s warm. This helps ensure that the colony will survive into the cold months when the insects start to be dormant.

Available Water

Living creatures need water, which is why you may see pests like mosquitos around bird baths or stagnant pools. Moisture located in the air can also affect this, so high humidity and summer rain make the location ideal for pests.

When no water comes down, such as during a drought, these insects will try to move into indoor locations to find a source of water and shelter that suits them.

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