Pest Control Service

Defending your home against Nature's unwelcomed intruders

Under attack?

RidAway to the Rescue!

Whether they crawl, fly, or slither into your home, pests threaten safety and comfort.

We'll find the best way to evict the nuisance and return peace to your life.

Our comprehensive solution strategy

Identify Intruder

  • Find out who is invading you to determine the best defense.

Identify Cause

  • Find out what brought them here to stop them from returning

Identify Solution

  • Find out the best method of treatment to get rid of the intruder

Identify Preventions

  • Find out preventative measures to guard against another invasion

The threat

They're creepy, dangerous, and destructive.
Whether big or small, pests can damage your property and harm your family.

Threat to home

Pests can eat your home, break into your home, and build their home in your home. Defending against them protects both your safety and investment.

Threat to family

Pests aren’t just a nuisance but a potential threat as well. Wild animals can pose physical dangers, while insects can spread germs and bacteria to people. 


From terminates to rodents to bed bugs, there's a huge world of creepy critters of all shapes ‘n’ sizes. Our pest control experts know exactly how to protect your home against any unwelcome guest.

Vigilant Patrol
We can periodically visit your home to ensure there are no invaders.

Ecological Defense
We can use biologically friendly pesticides that leave your home safe to return to. 

Fast Response

We will provide quick solutions to urgent problems. Time is of the essence under attack!

Guaranteed Service

Our work is guaranteed so you can rest assured the problem will be dealt with effectively.

Licensed Pros

We are state licensed and industry certified. You're in good hands of professionals.

For a quick solution to an urgent intrusion, RidAway is ready to come to your rescue.

Bring home safety & comfort

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saved me from pests

My home was besieged with termites and I needed them removed ASAP. RidAway came immediately and within a day the insects were gone. Home is safe again, as is my peace of mind. Thank you!

Kit Crawford

QUICK FIX to water leak

I had a pipe burst that flooded my basement and filled the home with nasty mildew. RidAway pumped every drop of water from my home, cleaned the mess, and now the air is clean again.

Van Carlton


I've always been afraid of the toxic asbestos living in my walls. Not only did RidAway dispose of it, but they filled the replacement with free insulation. I didn't pay a penny! Amazing service.

Rob Delaney