There are a lot of things you need to consider in building your house. One of the most important things to look upon is fire safety. You need to have plans and other protective measures in order to ensure that your house is not fire conducive or will not be able to have a greater damage. Residential fires are common, especially during hot weather conditions. This is inevitable but can be prevented and remedied if ever. Now, this call depends on the home owner’s cautiousness and seriousness of taking care of your invested home. So, there are things you need to know in protecting your home from fire.  

Some Causes of Residential Fire that You Have to Monitor  

Fire department records show that common home activities involving fire and electricity are major agents of creating unexpected fire. The two elements are hazards that we cannot detach ourselves from because they are an essential part of our lives. As a response, you are accountable for these resources to be used properly and ensure that they will not turn against you from being useful to being the cause of damaging what you have earned. 

Here are some common activities that become the leading reason of having fire:
  • Cooking - it is an essential part of our living as we have to eat foods that are not raw. Whether we are using stoves (electrical and lpg gas operated) or wood and coil for dirty kitchen and grilling.

  • Electrical Appliances - old models of any electrical equipment are not automatic in terms of turning off when reaching the highest tolerable hotness. The appliance is prone to overheating which might cause a short circuit or explosion that fire will follow afterward. It is important to consider buying safety and certified equipment and be responsible for its use. 

  • Candles - whether they are used as a romantic design, for parties, religious celebrations, and other occasions or circumstances, are considered one of the major fire hazards. For this reason, using such requires awareness of the surroundings and attentive supervision when using this one. 

  • Smoking - aside from damaging your lungs and leading you to addiction, negligence in smoking can be the cause of residential fires. As part of protecting your home from fire, if you are a smoker, make use of it in a designated area and make sure to dispose of it properly. 

  • Humans - all of the things mentioned above are just catalysts of fires but human beings are the primary cause of residential fires. For this reason, we must be serious in following fire hazard signs, be responsible for the things we handle that may cause or attract fire, and remind ourselves of the warning that says, “Keep Out of Reach of Children.” You must learn and advocate common sense and be a responsible person in terms of dealing with fire hazards.

Some things mentioned above are only a few of the reasons why your house is prone to fire. There are different cases in every household which is why you have to assess the safety of your home or even the establishment you belong to. The prevention of fire damage depends on your care. Here are some steps you can follow in making sure that you will have the confidence that fire will be the last thing to challenge your home.

Framework for Home Protection Against Fire

  1. Inspecting. Before everything else, you have to inspect and assess your home and the surroundings. Identify the places where there are fire hazards and make sure to place immediate solutions such as fire alarms, water or sand supplies, and fire extinguishers.  

  2. Clearing. Make it a habit to clean your place both indoors and outdoors. This will also help you see what changes happened to your household and determine whether there are things that must be re-organized or fixed in order to prevent the said challenge. 

  3. Maintaining. Keep the status of your place as inspected and marked safe by the Fire Bureau. They are experts in determining whether you are making a home that is fireproof or close to becoming wood for the fire. Then, maintain and repair electrical equipment as early as possible.

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