Fire causes a great extent of damage to property, destroying valuable possessions in a blink of an eye. Even a minor fire incidence can be devastating and cause serious damage to your home. Apart from the damages, you’d also deal with smoke odor and soot that leave contamination and discoloration to furniture, fabrics, and other home furnishings; hence the need for fire remediation.

The aftermath

Even when the fire is extinguished, you are not allowed to go in to retrieve the remaining possessions or clean up the place. The firemen are still doing their job -- making sure that there will be no further threats to the property or your safety. You need to find a temporary place to stay while the fire department is investigating and doing safety assessments.

Fire leaves unseen chemical compounds in the air that can cause major respiratory issues. The smoke residue, ash, soot, tiny particulates, and burned materials pose serious health risks and can make you feel sick when you inhale the toxic elements. It is vital to clean and purify the indoor air quality before you can go back to your home because there are hazards that still lurks around.

If you have pets, avoid taking them when you visit your property for personal inspection or DIY cleanup because the burned debris and chemicals released during combustion are dangerous for them. Non-organic materials, when burned, release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be lethal when absorbed by the skin, ingested, or inhaled. The adverse effects of these compounds are sometimes felt immediately, but there are cases when they manifest after many months or even years.

To mitigate the potential dangers, it is best to seek the help of experts who are adept in fire remediation. You can start looking once you get permission from your insurance company. Time is of the essence because the first 24-48 hours after the fire is regarded as the ‘golden period’ of recovery, requiring an effective emergency response to ensure the property’s recovery. It is vital to prevent the smoke damage and acidic soot to further accelerate the corrosion and deterioration of the components.

RidAway to the rescue!

RidAway is a company you can trust at times of fire emergencies. We are certified and licensed to conduct complete home remediation, whether it is a minor or major matter. We are ready to be your partner in fire damage restoration, providing smoke damage cleanup, water mitigation, and mitigating damage.

We have a quick-response team to handle the immediate assessment of the fire damage in your home as soon as the fire department gives a green light. Our professional and skilled fire remediation specialists will do a thorough inspection of the entire house, checking the destruction caused by fire, smoke, and water damage. We will secure all the openings, including windows and doors, to prevent further damage.

RidAway is experienced in providing fire damage restoration services such as cleaning and home restoration. We’ll also take care of the remaining furniture and personal belongings that can be salvaged. Rest assured, we’ll bring back safety and comfort in your home, making it habitable again.

Our fire remediation approach

After assessing and documenting how deep the fire has penetrated the structure of your home, how much soot and smoke covered the surfaces, and how much of the furniture, walls, and fixtures suffered from heat damage, we follow a step-by-step routine to make sure all areas are well-covered.


Securing the foundation

It means plugging up any weak structures or holes. If we see that your roof, walls, and floors are badly singed, we will inform you about the necessity of replacement or repair. We want to ensure that your home will not be at risk of possible moisture or water damage, which will bring another problem -- mold growth.


Eliminating standing water

We dry everything to prevent mold infestation and further damage. Upholstered furniture and carpet need to be clean, dried, and aired. Our proficient team will do the necessary repair and restoration to mitigate the water damage, eliminating possible pockets of mold that thrive fast due to the lingering moisture in the air. 



We will immediately remove burned and damaged floor coverings, ceilings, and walls to prevent structural weakening. We will also look for any warping and charring of framing materials and replace them. To remove the foul smoke odor of usable components, we will use deodorizers and leave them to dry. 



All the soot and smoke caused by the fire is hard to clean. But, RidAway has the necessary tools to remove the stains that go beyond the surfaces. Our professional team will deep scrub, sand, and refinish them to eliminate the effects of the smoke. We will work to remove the discoloration and restore them to their former condition.



All debris and soot must be eliminated to help us begin the restoration procedure, lessen the airborne odor, and improve the overall air quality. Moreover, personal possessions and electrical appliances that may appear okay need to be removed away to prevent further contamination. 


Deodorizing and sanitation

RidAway also understands that there are priceless pieces in your home, so we will work to remove the trapped odor and restore them. We use HEPA air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, and earth-friendly products to sanitize the damaged components and furnishings. We will also neutralize the odor and purify the indoor air quality.

Restore your home with RidAway! Call 781-531-9365 or contact us today for a free fire restoration consultation. RidAway is ready as you are!