They crawl, wriggle, roll, squirm, and basically creep everybody out! No house owner wants a member of a creepy crawling society in their house. No-body likes to spot cockroaches late at night when they enter the kitchen for a midnight snack or a bed bug in their blanket while trying to sleep. They are not only ugly but carriers of many diseases. Other than diseases they could also cause thousands of dollars of damage. Due to this it becomes extremely important to recognize signs that your home needs pest control.

Let’s look at these signs below:

The Proof is Right in Front of You!

Dead insects, ants on the kitchen slab, bed bugs on the edge of the mattress, mice droppings, are all obvious signs of a pest infestation. Your house can have an infestation of either of these insects. Finding live or dead insects, visible feces is an obvious sign that your house needs an immediate pest control. Also, pests love to chew things that are soft like carpets, mats or even sofa arms for that matter! In addition, pests like bed bugs leave dark stains on your mattress which are extremely easy to spot. These bitten properties, and stained mattresses can often make your home look shabby. Not only your property, you can also be bitten by blood-thirsty bed bugs and develop red bumps on your body. Again, an obvious sign that your home needs pest control.

Weird sounds at night?

Late night is a time when everything around goes silent. It is in this silence that you can clearly hear sounds made by these nasty pests. Different pests make different sounds. If you hear a constant buzzing sound at night, your home might have a termite infestation. Sounds like squeaking and scratching is a probable sign of a rodent infestation. These weird sounds are also a probable indication that your house needs a pest control.

Strange Smell all Over the House

There are certain identifiable smells that pests exude. A pest infested house will smell abnormal due to pest droppings, decaying dead pests, and even due to the body odor of a particular pest. Urine smell is another smell indicator of a pest infestation. For example a Cockroach and its urine leaves a pungent and stale smell and a rat’s urine smells like most other animals comprising of water and urea (ammonia). However, it’s the bacteria and the virus that their droppings and urine carry that could cause many harmful diseases.

Noticed these signs? Contact Pest Control Today!

Above mentioned signs should be taken seriously. If you observe any one of these signs it’s important to call for a pest control immediately. Defending against them protects both your safety and investment. For a quick solution to an urgent intrusion, RidAway is ready to come to your rescue.