Water damage can be caused by a lot of reasons like storms, flooding, leaking plumbing system, roof, or appliances, burst pipes, clogged toilets, overflowing sinks, foundation cracks, moisture behind walls, and sewage issues. Whatever the cause, one thing is essential -- immediate action to mitigate more serious problems that can compromise the safety of the structural components of your home.

For massive situations, you need to seek professionals to conduct water remediation or to repair the damage caused by the sudden onslaught of water to your property. You need the expertise of restoration specialists to reconstruct and rebuild your home. They use a variety of methods and applications to restore the damaged components of your home, making it habitable and safe for your family again.

RidAway’s water remediation services

As a certified and licensed service contractor, RidAway offers fast and effective water remediation methods to resolve your problem.  Our highly-skilled, well-trained, and experienced teams are equipped with the best practices and advanced tools/equipment to clean, sanitize, rebuild, and bring back the former glory of your home.


Our quick response team will arrive at your location quickly and check the condition of your home. We offer free inspection and assessment of the water damage in your property. Our findings are the key factors that help us find the best approach to handle your situation. The extent of damage determines the applications we need to use and how long the restoration will be.


The immediate concern after the water damage is to prevent additional damage. Our team will immediately place a roof tarp, board-up windows, temporary fencing, and temporary warehouse space to move out salvageable items. It includes removing all damaged materials and furniture, flooring, and drywall. 

Removal & extraction

Our highly-trained technicians will begin the water removal process immediately using industrial-strength vacuum and submersible pumps. This step lessens the drying time and prevents the occurrence of secondary water damage. It also mitigates mold growth due to the presence of moisture. We will inspect the carpets and pads to figure out if it is necessary to remove them. 

Drying & dehumidifying

Some wood materials and drywall are porous and tend to retain a significant amount of water when wet. The absorbed water can cause them to swell, break down, or warp. It is also the main culprit of mold growth. To prevent all these from happening, the remediation team will work to remove the leftover moisture by manipulating the relative humidity and temperature. 

Cleaning & sanitizing

The floors, walls, and surfaces of your home require professional cleaning and sanitizing treatments to ensure 100% safety against harmful bacteria, especially when the cause of water damage is flooding. We will use disinfectant, antibacterial, or antimicrobial treatments to guarantee the hygiene of the entire home. 


This is the final step of water damage remediation and aims to help homeowners recover from the damages and return to the pre-loss home environment. This entails replacement of damaged flooring and walls, repair of roof damage, mold remediation, humidity and moisture testing, and inspection of electrical and plumbing systems.

Waste disposal

We will remove and dispose of things that you and your insurance adjuster approve. RidAway adheres to the local regulations of Massachusetts when it comes to disposing of damaged and inorganic components, especially toxic and harmful materials.

Why choose RidAway?

RidAway is one of the top service providers that is trusted by many in the State of Massachusetts and neighboring areas. We are committed to rescuing people from common to emergency home situations such as pest infestation, fire remediation, water remediation, massive mold deposit, and asbestos removal. Our licensed, professional technicians can handle and resolve all these matters quickly and efficiently.

During this pandemic time, we guarantee full protection of our teams against the virus. We take full precautions such as observing social distancing, wearing masks, and no-contact transactions when we respond to your needs.

Restore your home with RidAway! Call 781-417-3799 or contact us today for a free water restoration consultation. RidAway is ready as you are!