Taking care of your lawn is about a lot more than just making it look pretty. There is much that needs to be taken into account in terms of design, maintenance, pests, and the overall health aspects that a well-maintained lawn has for your pets and everyone in the house.

Doing all of this on your own can be a huge chore that you may not have the knowledge or time to complete properly on your own. This is why there are professional lawn maintenance services available to make your life easier.

But before we dive into who you should call for lawn maintenance, let’s discuss all the reasons why hiring a professional for the job is the best decision.

1. Possibility of Accidental Damage

Even the most basic lawn care could come with serious repercussions if a mistake is made in the process. Not only could it ruin your lawn in the long run, but it could also be dangerous if you don’t know how to use all the tools properly.

The following are some of the most common forms of accidental damage:

  • Using the wrong tools for your lawn, resulting in poorly cut grass.
  • You may over- or under-water your lawn and thus kill the grass and any other plants that are part of it.
  • Not noticing pests in your yard on time, which will allow them to breed in larger numbers and become a source of disease and trouble.
  • Not understanding the different species of weed that may end up taking over your lawn.

2. Avoid Physical Labor

Taking care of your lawn takes a lot of labor and time. Most of us don’t have enough time in our lives to do a good job of it on our own, and we may even end up with physical injuries such as muscle pain.

This is particularly true for older homeowners and people with large families who simply don’t have the time to take special care of their lawn. 

If you struggle with issues of time, mobility issues, health struggles, or lack of knowledge in the area, a professional lawn maintenance service is the best way to go.

3. You Will Save Money

Wait, how does paying someone save you money?

People are often wary about spending their money because they think they could save more if they did everything on their own. However, think about all the things you are not taking into account when you think this way:

  • Buying the tools to maintain the yard.
  • Buying the chemicals for pest control and weed removal.
  • The time you spend working on the lawn that you could instead be spending on making more money - or simply enjoying your life.

Lawn Maintenance - Who to Hire?

No matter how much you try to do everything yourself, you may end up wasting more of your time and money in the process.

At RidAway, our lawn maintenance experts will produce the thick, green carpet you want to see and feel.

Our lawn maintenance plan includes several stages:

  • An annual plan that keeps your lawn looking beautiful.
  • Herbicides to defend your lawn from weeds.
  • We keep your lawn fed with the right nutrition to grow into a thick carpet.

Don’t wait for your lawn to go out of control. Give us a call right now to fix the problem before it’s too late.

Restore your home with RidAway! Call 781-531-9365 or contact us today for a free yard care consultation. RidAway is ready as you are!