Mold growth is extremely common in damp and dark places. Excessive moisture, poor ventilation, and messiness can all contribute to mold growth. It is very common for mold to grow on kitchen walls, walls behind the sofa, bathroom walls, and basement walls. Another place that is susceptible to mold but not many are aware is the crawl space in your home. This blog will answer all your questions regarding mold in crawl spaces.

Why is mold common in crawl spaces?

Crawl spaces are ideal for mold growth. They are dark, damp, and have poor ventilation. The groundwater beneath the (if the groundwater levels are higher) crawl spaces makes them susceptible to moisture which in turn accelerates mold growth. Another reason for mold growth in crawl spaces is poor ventilation. Poor ventilation promotes water/moisture retention, which is the ideal condition for mold to thrive.

Sometimes, faulty plumbing or leaks can also be the cause of mold growth in crawl spaces as it promotes a damp condition which becomes the breeding ground for mold (stagnant water can also breed pests like mosquitoes).

How to deal with mold in crawl spaces?

Other than maintaining optimal humidity levels, maintaining proper ventilation, and promptly checking for leaks, the most effective ways to deal with mold in crawl spaces are regular inspections and contacting mold removal services. (i.e., if you find signs of mold growth)

Regular Inspection

It is very important to regularly inspect crawl spaces for leakages and plumbing faults to prevent mold growth. Preventing mold is important as mold can cause serious health issues and also cause structural damage. Inspections should be regular depending on climate change. For instance, the rainy season would require much more stringent and frequent inspections as mold is extremely common during the rains.

When should you contact mold removal services?

 Mold, apart from causing structural damage is also notorious for causing serious health issues. It can trigger allergies and can also trigger asthma. It is especially dangerous for kids as they can be overly sensitive to mold spores. Therefore, when you notice mold in your crawl space or anywhere in your home, the first thing you should do is contact mold removal services. One such expert in mold removal is RidAway. RidAway provides fast emergency response, is EPA-approved, uses industry-grade technology, and is fully licensed and insured. RidAway has the qualifications and dedication to ensure the work is done to the highest standards. RidAway toxic mold spores so you can breathe clean, healthy air once again.