Nobody wants to look around their home and see mold. However, as much as you may not want it, stopping it isn’t easy. Invisible mold spores grow in all types of places. Disinfecting helps but doesn’t totally stop the process. And that isn’t a bad thing. A few mold spores can help decompose organic material in the home.

But when those spores become colonies and you see slimy black mold – that’s when things are going wrong. It can be hazardous for anyone in the home. Learn more about what mold and mildew are and how they operate below.

What Mold and Mildew Are

Despite what some may think, mold isn’t an animal. It’s also not a plant. A mold is actually a form of fungi and it can grow anywhere that is warm with moisture. While the exact number of molds on the earth is impossible to guess, many believe more than 100,000 mold microorganisms are on the earth. 

Anywhere that people or animals need oxygen to live – mold will be found. It’s something everyone encounters on a daily basis. Outside, it helps break down cellular matter and helps its decay. It assists with enriching the soil. When dead leaves or trees fall, mold is found on them within days in most cases.

It can do the same thing inside. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that mold will start growing within one to two days in a wet warm environment like a bathroom. In a week, it can become a colony and spread.

You might be wondering “what about mildew?” The two are actually very similar. Essentially, mildew is in a different phase of development than mold. When you think about mold, you might imagine fuzzy green patches or black films, while mildew is a flat and powdery substance instead.

The Problem With Mold

Mold does some useful things, but it’s still not something you want to find in your home. Some people are allergic to all types of mold and will experience breathing issues in a home with it. Others who are immunocompromised can become ill from some types of mold. And everyone, no matter how healthy, can be affected by toxic molds like black mold.

That’s why it’s important to watch for patches of mold which might indicate a bigger problem. Getting rid of it will remove the musty smell in your house, making it cleaner, and could even make you breathe easier. 

Choose Experienced Mold Remediation Experts

Are you dealing with patches of mold in your home? Some mold can be very dangerous so it’s important to be wary. The mold remediation experts at RidAway can inspect your home for mold and take care of it before any harm can occur. We’ll make sure your space looks and smells great before we leave.

If you’re ready to ditch the mold and live a healthier life, reach out to us for more information. We’ll provide a free consultation and help you with your mold issue.