Nobody likes to think about pests, let alone the thought of a pest infestation. These pesky little creatures are disease carrying, damage causing living beings that generally make life unpleasant. However, disliking them doesn’t change the fact that your home can’t be attacked by pests. Different pests have different patterns of infesting a home. These patterns may include; a particular time when they are super active, the household items that they attack, and their reason for infesting a house.

Let’s look at some common household pests that you need to be aware of!

 Bed bugs are one of the most feared pests of all time. They are nocturnal (usually come out at night) and their primary source of food is human blood. Their bites can result in skin rashes, boils, bumps, and can also cause allergic reactions. Bed bugs and their eggs can be accidentally brought through luggage or clothing from a hotel, lodge or another house. Bed bugs are usually known to infest sofas, couches, mattresses, shoes and clothing. 

Cockroaches or roaches are among the most common pests to infest a house. They are attracted to food, moisture and to places where hygiene and sanitation is lacking. They tend to hide well in cracks and crevices and tend to come out during the night. Cockroaches are carriers of bacteria and are therefore harmful for human health as they can cause food poisoning and other health hazards.

Rodents (rats and mice) are famously known to carry many diseases. These diseases can be spread through different ways like, rat or mice droppings around food or in the drawers and closets, chewed shoes or chewed wiring in the house (contaminated objects). The most concerning thing is that rodents can also easily contaminate food without anybody noticing. The contaminated food can cause a bacterial infection called salmonellosis in humans when consumed.  However the good thing is that these pests can be easily sighted because of their size and therefore quick action can be taken against them.

Termites are insects that attack a home in groups. They are known to be social insects that live in groups together, share the food, communicate with each other, protect the young insects and eggs. They feed on wood and cause serious damage to furniture in homes. Some people also call them ‘white ants’ because of the similarities in their social behavior. Any furniture pieces once attacked by them become beyond repair in no time.

Ants are other social insects that tend to live in colonies. Their search is always on for food and water. That is the reason why they are majorly found in kitchens, pantries, and places with leftover food. While they can practically eat anything and everything that humans eat, they are particularly attracted to sweets! Jam residue on the kitchen slab, a drop of ice cream or cookie crumbs are all excellent sources to attract a colony of ants. Ants move fast and leave a chemical trail behind them for other ants to follow the same food sources.

All these pests have different behavioral patterns and by understanding them one can prevent infestations in their homes to an extent. If you suspect you are having a pest infestation in your home, it's important to contact a professional and get your home checked. Pest infestation if ignored can become dangerous for you and your family. Ridaway is an amazing service company that provides pest control services as well. Their work is guaranteed so you can rest assured the problem will be dealt with effectively. Moreover, they are state licensed and industry certified.

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