If you are remodeling your home and have found asbestos in the walls, stop right away and call a professional team of experts to come and assess the situation and remove the hazardous materials from your walls. 

If you haven’t come across this in your home (whew!) but are worried that it might be a possibility, this article will give you the rundown on why you need experts to remove it and what that process will look like. 

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in soil, water, and the air. All humans consume it in some amount simply through living naturally in our environment. Usually, this is not a problem. 

However, if asbestos is present in a home or product in high amounts and is open to the air for breathing, for example, in-home demolition or car brake repair, then it can cause health hazards such as cancer or mesothelioma. Asbestos particles congregate in the lungs and create a build-up of scar tissue, and the diseases that stem from it can cause disability or death.

What to Do If You Have Asbestos in Your Home

If you discover asbestos in your home, your first step should be to seal up the area or remove yourself from the room. Stay the night at a hotel or a family member’s house if you can. Then, call specialists to come to assess the situation and remove it as soon as possible. They will remove it in one of three ways. 


Abatement is the legal, safe way of removing asbestos from your home, as well as a workspace or office building. Once contracted, an EPA-licensed technician will use the appropriate materials to make sure that fibers do not become airborne in the space. 


Even if abatement is used, encapsulation might also be necessary. During this process, the licensed technician will coat the affected materials with a special sealant that prevents asbestos fibers from creeping into the air. 

They will turn off your vents and heating and/or cooling systems so that asbestos particles don’t distribute during the process. Then they will seal off the area with plastic sheeting and remove all asbestos with HEPA-filter vacuums as well as wet tools. All hazardous materials will be disposed of properly. 


This is a new removal method that allows asbestos technicians to clean a home or office space without having to protect themselves with hazmat suits or masks. This is achieved by using a gear and a special liquid that removes the asbestos while reducing the risks of it becoming airborne. It not only keeps your home safe, but it keeps the specialists even safer, too. Remember that they are at high risk for asbestos-related diseases because of the work that they do! 

Leave It to the Professionals

When you hire a specialist company, you are ensuring that your home or office will now be a healthy haven for you and your loved ones or colleagues. The right team should be licensed, experienced, and guarantee full removal of all asbestos. They should also include re-installation of insulation to your home! Hire the pros and have peace of mind.