Summer means spending more time on the beach and enjoying outdoor activities. For most families, it’s a great time for fun, sun, and picnics. This much-anticipated season in New England and Massachusetts is short-lived because the northern states have long, cold, and snowy winter months. This is why people make the most of it by organizing BBQ parties, games, or simply relaxing. Everyone wants to enjoy the season to the fullest and luxuriate under the heat of the sun. And then.... the pests arrive. 

Living in these areas is a seasonal challenge. As soon as the temperature begins to rise, pesky insects and bugs come out of their hideouts and become more active outside. The warm weather attracts summer pests that threaten and damage homes in the long run. Their seemingly endless invasion during this season becomes a perennial problem in most homes.

Common summer pests

During summer, you can expect these unwelcomed visitors in your home:

  • Mosquitoes - Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying and dangerous pests as they carry and transmit dengue, malaria, yellow fever, and Zika. Their bites leave red welts that are itchy and uncomfortable. Most mosquitoes breed and thrive in slightly damp and dirty areas, while dengue-carriers are known to breed in clear, standing water. If your home has a lot of mosquitoes, it is more likely that there are breeding areas somewhere in the vicinity. 
  • Yellow Jackets - These insects have a yellow and black striped body, resembling hornets but a bit smaller. Before attacking their victims, they tend to waver from side to side, as if making a perfect maneuver. The sting of yellow jackets is painful, and they usually sting multiple times, leaving a venom that can cause severe allergic reactions that require medical intervention. They typically choose the underground walls of buildings with small cracks or in the hollows of trees to build nests. If your outdoor picnic is near their nesting area, expect attacks from yellow jackets, which usually hover around the juicy slices of watermelon. Avoid disturbing their nests because they tend to defend their territories with painful stings.
  • Fleas - Fleas’ common targets are dogs and cats. These tiny hooping bugs thrive by consuming the blood of the hosts. They are external parasites with mouthparts that can pierce the skin and suck blood to survive. They grow as big as 3 millimeters or 1/8-inch long and consumes up to 15 times their weight every day. Fleas can jump vertically, making the infestation more prevalent among your dogs and cats. Moreover, it can also dwell on your shoes, clothes, floor, or ground.
  • Ticks - Ticks belong to the family of Arachnida, which explains their spider-like body structures. These external parasites feed on blood and are found in places with a warm, humid climate. They need moisture in this type of environment to undergo metamorphosis. Ticks that thrive on domestic animals can transmit the species of pathogens that damage their hides and coats or cause anemia. In these parts of New England, the prevalence of Lyme disease is traced to ticks. It causes flu-like symptoms to their human victims or even their pets. In the advanced stage, it leads to severe neurological issues. Ticks are so tiny that you cannot easily see them as they hide in tall grasses and wooded areas. 

"The warm weather attracts summer pests that threaten and damage homes in the long run."

Prevention and eradication of summer pests

While common summer pests are considered a normal part of this season, your family doesn’t need to bear their presence in your property. As the cliché goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure’.

Here are some general preventive tips to get rid of the pests:

  1. 1
    Check the premises of your home and lawn to see the potential breeding areas of the pests. Keep your plants and grasses trimmed.
  2. 2
    To prevent mosquitoes from breeding, remove all stagnant and standing water. Keep the areas dry and clean always. Keep the gutters free from debris that can cause clogging. They are possible breeding spots of mosquitoes and other flying insects.
  3. 3
    To eliminate the threat of spreading the Lyme disease, mow your lawn regularly.
  4. 4
    Inspect your entire property for hives or nests that stinging insects like yellow jackets build during the summer season. They start building their haven on the outside as soon as the temperature becomes warmer. Check out the shrubs, bushes, trees, and even the exterior of your house that has a crack where they can enter.
  5. 5
    To prevent the spread of fleas or ticks, take your pets to the veterinarian and get them treated with remedies formulated to alleviate these pests.
  6. 6
    Keep your home clean and sanitized at all times. Regular vacuuming is essential to prevent the spread of fleas.
  7. 7
    If you have stacked wood or some wood debris, keep them 50 feet away from your home to prevent the pests from transferring to your home.

If you want more peace of mind and want to prevent potential problems caused by summer pests for good, the best solution is to hire professionals that are trained and experienced in eradicating them. Especially if the damage is widespread, you need trusted experts to do the job quickly and skillfully.

"If you want more peace of mind and want to prevent potential problems caused by summer pests for good, the best solution is to hire professionals that are trained and experienced in eradicating them."

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