When it comes to pests, rodents and roaches top the list as being the most ugly, gross, and disease-causing ones. Both of them are notorious for infesting a home in search of food and water sources and breeding rapidly. The both of them have many similarities while also differing in many ways. 

Roaches thrive in unsanitary conditions. They are attracted to leftover food crumbs on the kitchen slab, dampness, and warmth. Their bodies produce certain proteins which when come into contact with human beings can exacerbate asthma. Roaches are known to crawl over surfaces where food is prepared, which can be extremely dangerous and can lead to food-borne diseases. Roaches can also transfer the bacteria Salmonella and E. coli, contributing to the risk of gastrointestinal infections. Roaches are especially deadly for developing children and children with compromised immune systems. 

Rodents, similar to roaches are also attracted to unsanitary conditions. However, apart from spreading diseases they also pose structural damage to properties. They can damage shoes, socks, and other personal belongings and chew on wires. Mice/rat droppings (urine and feces) contain pathogens that have the potential to hantavirus and Leptospirosis in extreme cases. Rodents can also spread the diseases directly through their bites and scratches. Similar to roaches, a rodent infestation is especially dangerous for developing children and children with compromised immune systems. 

In the battle of roaches vs. rodents, the winner isn't so clear-cut. Both of them pose serious dangers to human life. The prevention techniques for both of them are also similar. First and foremost maintain a sanitary and clean household as both roaches and rodents are attracted to unhygienic conditions. Make sure you leave no food crumbs on the kitchen slab, especially during the night. Installation of screens on windows and closing small gaps or entry points can be a beneficial way to eliminate pests in general from the house. Make sure to ventilate your bathrooms, kitchens, and basements as roaches multiply in humidity. If you notice signs like rodent droppings, chewed personal belongings or wires, damage to food packaging, or nocturnal roach activity, it's time to contact a professional pest control service. One such expert in pest control is RidAway. RidAway uses biologically friendly pesticides that leave your home safe to return to. Their work is guaranteed so you can rest assured the problem will be dealt with effectively. They are state-licensed and industry-certified. 

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