One of the most-awaited seasons of the year is autumn. It is the time of the year when the leaves of the trees start to change their colors, and the temperature is cooler. Even the sky seems bluer, and the surroundings are picture-perfect. It means that winter is coming soon. The downside is that it is also the time when mice are getting ready to move into your home.

As the outdoor temperature drops, mice would seek potential sources of heat and food. Undoubtedly, the best place is inside the people’s homes and property. Your uninvited guests are very resourceful and creative in finding ways to enter the house through vents, cracks, pipes, and open doors or windows. Mice can jump as high as 13 inches from the floor. They are adept swimmers and excellent climbers, so they can climb up the vertical drain pipes or swim through the sewer line effortlessly. Mice can squeeze themselves through the small holes the size of a dime because they have no collar bones.

Telltale signs of mice infestation

Once the mice are in, they will look for places that are close to the food supply and source of the airflow like basements, insulation, walls, attics, air ducts or venting systems, crawl spaces, or behind cabinets. Even if you do see them during the daytime because mice are typically nocturnal, there are various indications that they are already enjoying the comfort of your residence.

Signs of unwelcome house guests....

Musky or strong odors

Gnawed holes in food containers

Urine stains and droppings

Scurrying sounds in the walls

Destruction mice can do in your home

Small as they are, mice are very notorious in causing various and expensive damages.

  • They are ‘nibblers’ and like sampling and ruining every available food they see
  • They contaminate food with their urine, droppings, and hair
  • They chew on electrical wiring that can create a fire hazard situation
  • They cause structural damage via nest-building and gnawing
  • They can destroy books, documents, paintings, and other valuable items that you store in your basement, garage, or attic
  • They can damage the insulation inside the attics or walls, reducing the cooling and heating efficiency of your property.

Health risks

Mice are super-spreaders of diseases to both human and pets like:



A bacterial disease spread through direct contact with the urine of infected animals.



An infection from salmonella bacteria often caused by contaminated food or water.


Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

A viral disease caused by contact with infected rodent.



Disease transmitted to people by mites that feed on rodents. 



A highly contagious skin fungal infection spread by contact with infected animal.

Ways to get rid of the pesky mice

Prevention is always the best way to avoid a massive headache that mice can do to your property. They are breeding machines, so mice infestation is real trouble. Some of the practical preventive measures to take include:

  • Inspecting your home’s parameters to seal holes or cracks
  • Storing stacks of debris or wood piles away from your home
  • Trimming the branches of trees or ivy to eliminate easy access
  • Sealing and installing weather strips at the bottom of the doors
  • Keeping foods in airtight containers
  • Mopping and vacuuming regularly
  • Sealing outdoor and indoor trash cans

You can apply do-it-yourself solutions such as setting bait boxes and traps to catch them. But setting them up can be ticky and dealing with the deadly aftermath can be messy. 

The easy, clean, & effective solution

A professional pest control expert knows the best method to deal with pests. Best of all, they get their hands dirty so you don't need to!

RidAway's experienced pest control team will inspect your property at no cost to assess the intruders you're facing and the best solution to deal with them. Once you approve of the plan, we'll prepare the necessary equipment, tools, and other materials to begin the treatment on your schedule. During the procedure, we will work efficiently and ensure the safety of your property. Our mission is to provide quick solutions to the urgent threats in your home.

In addition to addressing the immediate threats, we also provide long-term solutions to keep the mice at bay before or during cold months. We will visit your home periodically to ensure there are no intruders and verify proper defenses are in place. 

Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you discover the presence of unwelcome guests in your home. It is best to address the infestation as soon as possible before harm is inflicted to your possessions, home structures, and well-being.

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