When the summer sun starts beating down, it’s much more likely that you’ll run into ticks when you step outside. Since ticks can carry Lyme Disease, it’s important to stay away from them. After the spring rains, taller grass gives ticks an ideal place to hide. 

There are several ways to prevent ticks and their bites and ensure your summer is safe and enjoyable.

Be Aware of Where Ticks Lurk

The best way to prevent tick bites is by making sure you don’t go into areas they might hide. If you’re going down trails in nature, make sure to stay near the center. Ticks can’t fly or jump so you have to make contact with them for them to reach you. In addition, avoid areas with brush or long grass as much as possible.

Using an Environmental Protection Agency repellent for insects is another great precaution before you head outside. After you come home, check over your clothes and body for any ticks.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

When you know you’ll be in an area that might have ticks, put on the right clothes to protect yourself. For instance, wearing clothes of a light color makes it easier to see ticks if they crawl up on you. Wearing long sleeves and long pants will make it less likely for ticks to get on your skin.

Another precaution you can take is to tuck the pants into your socks, so there’s no way ticks can get onto your legs and bite you.

Keep Tweezers at the Ready

If a tick does get on your skin and manages to bite, it’s going to latch onto you. It’s important to remove it safely. Having a set of tweezers at the ready is the best option. Keep them in a first aid kit so you can grab them from the car when you need them.

So how do you use tweezers to get rid of a tick that has bitten you? Find the head and grasp that area using the end of the tweezers. Try to get as close to your skin as possible. Then pull the tweezers in a steady and slow motion, smoothly and without twisting. Once the tick is removed, clean the area where you were bit and your hands using rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

Check Your Body for Ticks

If you spend time outdoors, especially in an area where ticks are commonly found, you should check your body after you come inside. Use a mirror to look for small red bumps (which are bites) and bumps with black dots (which may contain part of the tick). 

It’s essential to look over the entire area including on the feet and ankles, behind the knees, near the waist, in the belly button, under the arms, between the legs, and around and in the ears.

Avoid Ticks by Hiring a Professional

Protecting yourself is a great idea, but going into areas with ticks can cause serious problems. RidAway has a team of excellent pest control experts who can help protect you from ticks. We’ll find where ticks are located, eliminate them, and offer an annual treatment plan. Reach out to us today to handle the problem before it gets worst.