Vermiculite insulation is dangerous! If you have vermiculite insulation in your home, it needs to be removed by a professional vermiculite and asbestos removal company as soon as possible. Doing so will make your home safer and protect your family from the health risks caused by vermiculite exposure. 

But before you call a vermiculite removal contractor, you probably want to know how much this service is going to cost. It’s hard to say exactly what your vermiculite insulation removal costs will be without first conducting an inspection. This is because there are many factors that affect the cost of insulation removal, such as: 

  • The amount of material that needs to be removed 

  • Where the vermiculite insulation is located 

  • Whether the insulation has been disturbed 

  • The removal process used 

RidAway, Massachusetts’ trusted vermiculite and asbestos removal company, can tell you exactly what it will cost to clean out the toxic insulation materials in your home with a free estimate. And, with our sister company, Neeeco, we can help you save up to 100% on the cost of new insulation installation with Mass Save® insulation rebates. Just schedule a no-cost Mass Save energy assessment with Neeeco to find out if you qualify! 

Vermiculite Can Make Your Family Sick

Vermiculite is a harmless, naturally occurring mineral that was used to manufacture home insulation from the 1920s until 1990. However, most of the vermiculite that was used in home insulation in the United States contains asbestos, an extremely toxic material. This is due to a significant contamination issue that occurred at a mine in Libby, Montana, where nearly all the vermiculite mined for Zonolite insulation in the US came from. 

Exposure to vermiculite contaminated with asbestos can cause severe health problems, including: 

  • Lung disease 

  • Asbestosis

  • Mesothelioma

Vermiculite Insulation Is Especially Dangerous if it Has Been Disturbed

The asbestos fibers present in vermiculite insulation only become a serious health risk if they’re airborne. Cleaning your attic, doing renovations, and even moving around storage boxes in your attic can disturb vermiculite insulation and send asbestos fibers into the air your family breathes. If you’ve already touched the vermiculite insulation in your home, it’s important to call a removal company ASAP. Even if you haven’t disturbed the material, you should call a vermiculite removal contractor to make sure it doesn’t become airborne. 

Abatement vs Encapsulation 

We follow different vermiculite removal processes depending on whether the material has been disturbed. If it has been, abatement is best. This is the complete removal of the material from your home, completed by licensed and certified technicians. 

For vermiculite insulation that has not been touched, we typically recommend encapsulation. During this process, the material is coated with a sealant to prevent fibers from becoming airborne.

Get up to 100% off the Cost of New Insulation to Replace Vermiculite

Once the vermiuclute insulation is removed, you’ll need to replace it with a safe, non-toxic insulation. RidAway’s sister company, Neeeco, is a certified partner of the Mass Save program and can help you receive insulation rebates worth 75% to 100% off the cost of your new insulation installation, if your home qualifies. To find out if you’re eligible for rebates through the Mass Save program, schedule a no-cost home energy audit today!

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