Mold infestation is a major nuisance, ruining your home and peace of mind. It discolors the drywall, darkens decks, blackens the grout lines, and rots damp wood surfaces. And worse, it emits microscopic spores that can cause sneezing, runny nose, respiratory problems, and allergic reactions. When there is a large-scale mold formation, a strange, foul lingering odor is always present. At times like this, mold remediation may be required.

The problem

Mold is a fungus that typically grows in wet areas. It reproduces rapidly through the tiny spores or reproductive cells that are invisible to the naked eye. These spores travel in the air and land on the surface, where they rapidly thrive. With the right moisture, temperature, and nutrient condition, colonies thrive and bring havoc to your property. They spread in drywall, tile, fabrics, insulation, or wood as long as oxygen and moisture are present.

The ramification of continuous exposure to potentially toxic substances, irritants, and allergens of homeowners with existing health problems is greater since mold affects the indoor air quality. The potential health problems and liability issues can be avoided by acting quickly. Failure to respond to the problem can bring serious harm to your family or investment.

The solution

There is only one remedy for molds – removal of deposits as early as possible. Molds grow quickly within 24-48 hours on porous or moist materials and surfaces. If you are going to do-it-yourself, it is necessary to take precautions to keep yourself safe like wearing disposable PPE or old clothes and shoes that you are willing to dispose of after the removal. It is also important to have the proper tools and materials to perform the tasks. You can find tips or knowledge of the required steps on the internet for DIY mold removal. This option is best for a small-scale or onset of mold growth. The EPA allows homeowners to clean a moldy area that is less than 10 square feet.

However, when it comes to medium-to-large mold infestation, you need to call the experts. A massive deposit requires professional remediation to resolve the problem effectively. The process involves efficient cleaning and identifying the source of moisture that makes the spot more conducive to mold growth. Failure to take care of the problem as early as possible can pose greater health hazards and structural damages, which can cause bigger problems and expenses.

RidAway's effective mold remediation approach

If you are looking for an experienced partner to mitigate the negative impact of molds on your property and well-being, RidAway is the name to trust. We are your partner in home pest control, water damage remediation, fire remediation, asbestos remediation, and mold remediation.

RidAway is a fully-licensed service company with certified professionals who will help you fix the problem and not just the symptoms of mold remediation. Our well-trained team is adept in finding the source or cause of the problem and prevent future infestation. We strictly follow protocols to make your property secure during the remediation. Our team is well-protected, wearing protective suits and gear to ensure safety. 

Our cleanup and removal involves the following steps:



In addition to identifying the area we must determine how moisture gets into your home. We will conduct a thorough inspection to assess the mold damage to your property and identify the source of moisture that helps mold to grow rapidly. Identification of the location also helps us locate other areas with mold growth. Molds can grow around and behind the visible parts. We will also assess the quality of air in your home, especially in the contaminated areas.



This is where we start with the remediation process. This involves both removing the mold and addressing the source of moisture causing mold growth to prevent it from returning. For large mold-infested areas, containment will require covering all doors, windows, and other openings with polyethylene sheeting and sealing the seams with duct tape. A designated slip opening is left for the team to access the area.



During the removal process, we will properly dispose of damaged or wet porous materials by placing them in thick plastic bags. After cleaning the moldy surfaces, we will proceed with the drying process by employing fans and dehumidifiers to remove all residual moisture. By the end of our decontamination, your home will be made safe again.

Your home's safety, guaranteed

We document everything and work to create the right remediation plan. 

We adhere to the EPA-approved guidelines and use industry-grade technology during remediation. Air filtration devices (AFDs) like air scrubbers are required during this phase to prevent the spread of spores that are disturbed and become airborne.

We use HEPA air scrubbers to clean and purify the air for 100% safety. But by the end of a successful remediation, there should be no moldy odor, visible mold, or mold-damaged object in the entire property.

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Once we are done, our mold remediation team will leave your property clean, fresh-smelling, and secure from nasty spores. RidAway is committed to restoring the comfort and peace of mind in your home. Book your service request now!

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