A disinfected home is a safe space for the whole family and also pets!

Germs are one of the pains of our existence. Even though you cannot be rid of all germs around you or inside your body, a stable presence of germs is essential for optimal health.

Germs live on food, are present in the air, live on animals, our skin, plants, water, and soil. Every surface of the planet, and by definition your home, has a certain number of germs on it.

Although our bodies are strong enough to handle most germs, in surprisingly large amounts, this doesn't mean that we are completely immune to their presence. In fact, it's in the very nature of germs to mutate and attempt to breach our immune system so that they can spread in larger numbers and call it home.

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Types of Germs

Germs are infectious by nature and come in different varieties, each one affecting the human body in different ways.


Some bacteria that live in your body are healthy, particularly the ones that live in your intestines because they help to decompose food and keep the gut flora stable and healthy.

However, bacteria that carry with them diseases are very dangerous because they produce a large number of toxins at incredible speeds that will damage your cells and make you ill. For example, tuberculosis and strep throat.


Viruses are more complex and contain genetic material, which means that they are able to hijack your own cells and change their behavior, causing dangerous cell mutations that can become deadly. For example, influenza, measles, and chickenpox.


Fungi, like candida, for example, are dangerous because they expand and cause serious bloating and tissue damage if left untreated. They are living organisms that feed on the surface they are placed on, and thus heavily decrease the efficiency of your immune system.

A Disinfected Home Keeps Germs Away

Our newest service offers a professional level of cleaning for your home that will eradicate the most dangerous germs that could be in there ready to cause harm.

How We Protect Your Home

Our team has recently been able to acquire multiple commercial Electrostatic Sprayers. They are highly portable electric machines that are able to cover areas up to 21,500 sq. ft. in one go.

It sanitizes all surfaces, making sure that they are left completely clean with a natural, clean smell left behind.

A deep clean for a disinfected home is essential to ensure that you will not fall prey to germs that have a high probability of causing harm to you and your loved ones.

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So don't let unhealthy germs be the bane of your existence. We may not be able to see them around the house but they are definitely there just waiting for the opportunity to make you and your family sick. Get in touch with us today so you and your family can rest easy tomorrow.

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