Whether you’re buying a home, selling one, or simple going through maintenance, you might be concerned about the possibility of mold. This often becomes a worry, especially if the home is located somewhere that tends to get damp. However, if you do find that mold is present, there are ways to handle the issue. This blog will explain some of the most common signs of molds. If you determine you have mold, you can work with a mold remediation company to handle the issue.

An Unsavory Scent
When mold is present, it often leaves a musty and damp odor that could be likened to old magazines or books. Only in this case, the scent will come from the walls or floors. The scent is caused by MVOCs (mold volatile organic compounds), which are chemicals the mold releases throughout its life. This is often a significant sign that mold is present.

Spots and Stains on Carpets
Rugs and carpets can quickly become covered in mold so make sure to look them over. You want to be aware of stains, odors, and spots on carpets and rugs. If you notice something that seems a little off, be sure to examine both sides of the carpet. You should also take a look at the padding for signs of mold.

Spores or Fuzz on Furnishings
If wood or leather becomes moist, it can be a hot spot for mildew. In addition, small bits of mold are more likely to stick around on porous items, such as foam or upholstered furniture. When mold might be in the home, look at the furniture fibers for fuzz, spots, or areas that seem to be the wrong color. 

Excess Gunk on the Tiles
Have you noticed a lot of grimy gunk in the tile grout in your bathroom? This is often an indication that mildew and mild have built up in the area. You can prevent this problems by wiping off the walls and tub after you shower or bathe. Clean the shower curtain if there are any stains and avoid putting wet items in the hamper.

Bubbling Walls
When you notice that your wallpaper is distorted or your paint is bubbling, this is a sign of moisture, which often means that there could be mold. If there’s warping happening, find out where the moisture is coming from. For instance, a windowsill might be leaking. Fix that issue before the mold can get worse.

Issues with the Air Conditioner
If you have a standalone air conditioner and it creates a musty smell, that is another bad sign. Take a look at the filter and see if there are fuzzy dark spots. This might indicate that black mold is present. In this case, it’s important to clean the AC regularly and replace the filters to avoid additional mold.

Choose Professional Mold Services Near You
When you choose RidAway for mold remediation services, we make sure all mold is removed. In addition, we leave your home clean, smelling good, and secure from further mold issues. We work hard to ensure your home is clean and comfortable for the use of you and your family.

If you need mold remediation services, reach out to us today. We’ll provide a free consultation and get you on the path to a healthy home.