goodbye  germs

And hello disinfected surfaces!

The Risk

All surfaces are covered with germs that can carry diseases ranging from the common cold to the novel COVID-19 virus. Some only live for a short amount of time while others like cold viruses have been found to remain active on some surfaces for up to seven days. This is why it's essential to disinfect anywhere and everywhere.

Don't get sick!

Germs threaten health on all surfaces. Disinfect them!

Germs are everywhere you touch! So make sure to disinfect anything you touch.

The solution

Industry safety protection

You can defend against germs with a deep clean of your environment. Our disinfectant services use electrostatic spray technology to sanitize all surfaces that might be contaminated. Whether it's your home or business, you can feel safe knowing RidAway has you covered!

Stay safe by sanitizing every surface with our deep clean disinfectant service.

Clean and sanitized

Alice Johnson

Health is top priority

After having my home cleaned with RidAway's disinfectant service I can honestly say my anxiety has gone away. Now my family can touch surfaces and I know they're not covered in germs!

jake black

A relief to be clean

I work in an area that is used by many people and some surfaces here are covered with filth, so it was vital to my health they get sanitized. Thanks to RidAway, it's already cleaner and I don't have to worry anymore.