Goodbye mosquitos and ticks

First treatment FREE

Get your first Mosquito and Tick treatment on us when you sign up for a Free Home Energy Audit with our partner, Neeeco. Once you see how easy and effective it is - you’ll want us to come back on a regular basis

 threat to home and family

Mosquitos and ticks are more than annoying. They present serious threats to our health!

Our pest control team will guard against them with our home protection spray defense.

Mosquitos and ticks are small but they carry serious diseases that can be crippling and even deadly. A bite from them can result in:

  • Lyme disease
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis (Triple E.)
  • West Nile Virus
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Dangerous diseases from small bites

Protect your family from these threats with our defensive lawn care spray that will keep you safe.

OUR mosquito and tick COUNTERATTACK

Our pest control experts know how to protect you against these threats from mosquitos and ticks. Rest easy knowing your home has a defense shield against these threatening insects. 

Defense monitoring
We can periodically visit your home to ensure there are no invaders.

Annual treatment program

We have a protection package that will periodically spray your home to ensure continued defense.

Licensed Pros

We are state licensed and industry certified. You're in good hands of professionals.

customers we've protected

Kate walker

Don't take chances

When I heard my friend got lyme disease from a tick bite I immediately got my yard sprayed. This is a scary disease that I wasn't going to risk exposing my family to. RidAway let me sleep easy knowing my home was protected.

Jim conway

Peace of mind

I was worried about the diseases of mosquitos and ticks all the time. Getting the yard sprayed was the best thing I did to my home. Now I can relax and enjoy being outside!

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